IN the era of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi records seem to be created for them to break, but some records demonstrate a genuine achievement - an undefeated treble winning season is certainly one of them.

They might not have millions of fans around the globe and their players probably pay more to play football than they’ll ever earn from it but on Saturday, in winning the Adver Cup final, Fratellos created a little bit of history.

Two goals from Kenny Hawkins and one from Dave Slattery were enough to ensure that Shane Hibbert’s free-kick did not end Fratellos 100 per cent winning record over three competitions this season - an unprecedented feat for a Swindon & District League side.

That’s a total of 27 games, 18 in the Swindon & District Premier, five rounds of the Wiltshire Junior Cup and four in the Adver Cup.

After the game Fratellos’ boss Anthony Pascarella was elated with the Adver Cup win and ending the season unbeaten.

“It just feels brilliant, really proud of the boys, they deserved it, they’ve been superb all season, to go a third year unbeaten but this year they’ve won every single game so I can’t ask for more than that,” Pascarella told the Advertiser “They’re a brilliant bunch of lads, they get on, on and off the pitch and you can see we’ve got some quality in there as well.

“You can’t beat it (a win like this), you don’t want to lose your last game you know. We suffered it a few years ago when we lost to them (Queensfield) in the (Adver Cup) final and I don’t think some us of have got over that, but we’ve won everything, league, both cups, I don’t think we can ask for more.”

Fratellos captain Ajay Sahota added: “I think we felt really comfortable, I don’t think our keeper’s had to make any saves and everyone’s worked hard, the pitch was really nice and we utilised it to be honest. We had our wingers out wide and made the pitch a lot bigger.

“The boys are chuffed, 100 per cent record, not just in the league but in every cup we’ve entered. Wilts Cup, won every game, Adver Cup, we’ve won every game, it’s been a top season, you’ve got to be happy with that.”

Queensfield boss Pete Smith thought his played battled well but the second goal early just after half-time put a big dent in his team’s hopes.

He said: “We played well, shots on goal are probably equal and they got the three that made the difference but we’ll regroup and start again next season.

“It’s just a killer goal after probably a couple of minutes in the second half. We had a good half-time teamtalk and then went 2-0 down within five minutes.”

Both previous games between the two sides have ended with at least one player sent off and the game started in a feisty manner, an early scuffle between Frattelos’ Charlie Grabe and Queensfield keeper David Burje almost threatened to boil over.

For the remainder of the half chances were elusive. Hibbert and Grabe wasting almost identical chances to score.

It was not until Hawkins was able to bundle in Slattery’s cross just past the half hour that the game settled down.

Queensfield came out quickly in the second half but were undone by a seemingly harmless throughball that Hawkins was able to poke past Burje.

The goal put Pacarella’s side into cruise control.

That laidback manner went too far for Fratellos when Slattery, with seemingly the easiest opportunity to end the game, could only strike meekly at Burje.

It almost proved costly for his side when Hibbert drilled in a low free-kick from the edge of the box with still more than 20 minutes remaining.

Queensfield were unable to captitalise on the momentum and Slattery was able to make amends for his error in the 80th minute. The striker turned smartly on the 18-yard line and placed his shot into the bottom corner.