STEVE Worrall insisted his 200-mile dash across the country wasn’t in vain despite the Robins’ clash with Birmingham being abandoned after only seven heats.

The young reserve managed 7+1 for Edinburgh at Scunthorpe yesterday afternoon in a meeting that only finishing at 4.15pm, before quickly packing his van and charging down the M1 towards Swindon.

Worrall arrived at Blunsdon with only 15 minutes to spare, but was still able to take his place on parade before scoring five points before the weather claimed the meeting.

Despite the abandonment, Worrall was still pleased he made the trip as he bids to get used to the Abbey Stadium circuit.

“I had fun to be honest, even though the meeting got called off,” he said.

“I really need to get some laps in at Swindon, which is why I was so keen to come here and ride tonight, and I felt good in the two rides I did have.

“I got the laps in and it’s money in my pocket and more experience around the track so it’s worth it for me. I don’t really see this as a rain off, because we get to do it again.

“We would have won this one with ease if it had been completed, but we will just have to make sure we do the same when it’s rearranged.”

Worrall insisted he was able to stay relaxed on the drive down to Wiltshire despite being under considerable time restraints.

“It was okay to be honest,” he said.

“When I did the meeting at Scunny they said they would try and push through it as fast as they can to help me, and to be fair to them they did.

“Once we set off and the sat nav told us what time we would get there I was able to relax to be honest and it was all alright.”