FRONT row stalwarts Sean Jones and Sam Edwards admitted Twickenham success with their ‘band of brothers’ had provided one of the highlights of their careers.

For Jones, 36, Sunday’s final proved a fitting end to his playing career with the veteran prop giving a rousing pre-match pep talk to his teammates confirming that he was hanging up his boots after the match.

Jones, also a Twickenham winner with Dorset & Wilts in 2011, scored what proved to be a crucial third try for Trowbridge and said: “The whole town has been behind us, so to go home and give something back to them is massive.

“More importantly, it’s about doing it with these boys because we’re all like brothers.

“It’s fantastic – to get a try was a bonus and to get it running out with these guys was unbelievable.

“For the club, it’s just huge. You couldn’t have written this at the start of the season and I don’t think we ever dreamed this would happen.

“We set out aiming for promotion and we’ve ended up winning at Twickenham.’’ Edwards came on as a second-half substitute and said: “(Those last few minutes) it was like playing 50 minutes, just defend, defend, defend.

“But we’ve done it for the last few weeks and we knew that if we kept that (defensive) line, they weren’t going to get through.

“The crowd were the best thing. To hear that crowd before the game, when we were lined up, I couldn’t move, I just froze.

“My legs were jelly. I played for half an hour and I played two matches in that half hour. You just had to keep on going, you couldn’t do anything else.

“It’s the best day I’ve had in a long time and it’s the best day of my rugby career, by a long way.

“We could have lost and the crowd would have lifted us back up. But we won and that was the icing on the cake.

“We’re a band of brothers, we’re a family, so to win that with all your mates is brilliant.’’