RESERVE Dan Greenwood has insisted he understands boss Alun Rossiter's decision to drop him from the Robins side.

The youngster was let go on Friday night having struggled through his six meetings for the club, during which, despite giving maximum effort, he failed to finish a race higher than third place.

Rossiter has replaced Greenwood with former British under 16 champion Nathan Greaves, who will make his debut at Wolverhampton tomorrow, and the Coventry Storm rider understands the decision despite being bitterly disappointed.

“Obviously I would have liked to have had longer but Rosco has pressure on him to have riders who are performing so it’s pretty understandable,” he said.

“It’s been tough, it was always going to be tough, but I enjoyed it all the same and it was a good experience.

“It’s nice riding a lot and it’s going to be a shame going back to just the one meeting a week when I go back to the National League. I need to go back there now and if I’m scoring maximums every week then maybe he might give me another chance. “I’ll be looking round elsewhere too to try and find another spot.

“I do understand why he’s done it but I can’t really see anyone else on the list who’s left who is any better than me but, because I’ve not been scoring, he needs to do something to keep the fans happy.

“It’s a massive step and the tracks are ones I’m not used to riding and I’m riding against National League heat leaders when I’m still only a second string there.

“I’ve already put a point on my average in the National League so if I keep on making progress like that then hopefully something else will come up.”