NATHAN Greaves has been able to take plenty of positives after reflecting on his first week as an Elite League rider.

The teenage reserve was brought into the Robins side as a replacement for struggling youngster Dan Greenwood, making his debut on Monday at Wolverhampton before competing for the Robins at King’s Lynn on Wednesday night.

Greaves may have failed to score at Monmore Green and picked up only two points in Norfolk, but is pleased with the quick progress he has made and is keen to carry on progressing.

“It’s really hard but I’m starting to get used to it and hopefully I can keep improving,” he said.

“At Wolverhampton on Monday the track was a lot different to the way it usually is and more grippy than when I’ve ridden there in the National League so it’s just about getting used to things really.

“It wasn’t the riders who were hard to beat it was the track and once I get used to things I’m sure I will be fine. The track at King’s Lynn was different too and that’s good because it gives me a lot to learn.

“I think it was probably a bit easier than I thought it would be to be honest because I’ve put that much pressure on myself. It’s hard and my worst race is always my first but I’m sure I can make some progress.”

As well as learning lessons on the track, Greaves has enjoyed picking up plenty of advice off it as he shares a pit with the likes of Grand Prix star Troy Batchelor.

“It’s amazing going up to Troy and asking him about bike set-up and he will give me some advice,” he said.

“Learning off guys like this is great and they’ve been great with me and made me feel like a big part of the team.

“I’ve never ridden at Swindon before and only ever been to the track once so I’m really looking forward to the meeting on Thursday and hopefully learning a lot more.”