NATHAN Greaves admitted he was overwhelmed after winning his first ever race at Blunsdon on Monday night but knows he must now prove his heat two win was far from a one off.

Having struggled in his first three Elite League meetings, teenager Greaves took to the track for heat two of his home debut on teammate Simon Gustafsson’s bike and proceeded to storm to victory in a style the Blunsdon faithful are more used to seeing from Peter Kildemand.

The victory brought about a huge cheer from the Robins fans, leaving the 16-year-old in a state of shock and hugely grateful to the generosity of Gustafsson.

“I don’t really know what happened to be honest, I’d never seen the track before and I was on Simon’s bike, so it was all very odd,” he said.

“There was a problem with the spare bike, and my dad couldn’t do the other bike quick enough, so Simon lent me his. I’m pretty glad he did now.

“That wouldn’t have happened in the National League, no chance, they would have just let you miss your race so I’m really grateful to Simon.

“In the race I was just trying to ride like I can and I don’t really know what to say, I just did it. It got close on a few occasions but just managed to hold on.

“I didn’t expect this to happen going into it but, although it was never going to happen, you have to hope to get a maximum from it.

“Hopefully I can do it again in the next one now. I’m overwhelmed to be honest, I really like the track and I really hope I can do a few more of them.”

After the meeting, Robins team boss Alun Rossiter and skipper Troy Batchelor both suggested the youngster should look at his equipment ahead of his next outing for Swindon and, while Greaves agreed with his two seniors, he believes he has the basis of good machinery having spent £5,500 on an new engine recently.

“I think my equipment’s good but I think there’s something wrong with it,” he said.

“It was great brand new but I’ve had that many crashes there must be something we haven’t noticed like a bent frame. We’re going to look at it as soon as we can and hopefully get it sorted.

“We rode the new engine today and Simon’s felt a lot like my new one so I think we’ve made a right choice. When I go to the tapes I’m at a disadvantage with my other engines but now I’ve invested in this one I’m level.”