SIMON Gustafsson believes he has waved goodbye to his early season struggles but knows he must still continue to push to enable the Robins fans to see the best of him.

Having struggled early in the campaign, which put his team place under threat, the Swede has stormed back to form in his last two meetings, adding 8+1 in Monday’s win over Belle Vue to the 15 he scored at Eastbourne on Saturday.

While Gustafsson is pleased to have been able to show the Robins fans his true ability over the last two meetings he knows he still has more to prove.

“I had a good one on Saturday and had a good one today so I want to keep going.

“Swindon is a pretty easy track to learn, it’s big but I’m used to big tracks back in Sweden so it’s no problem really.

“I want to keep improving here, keep pushing and keep performing well.

“Hopefully I’ve had my bad meetings now and it’s just good times to come.”

Gustafsson can also claim to have played a part in three more of the Robins points on Monday night, having leant reserve Nathan Greaves his bike for the youngster’s heat two victory, and was more than happy to help.

“We needed to get him out on the track and nobody else seemed to react so I gave the lad a bike and he looked really good out there,” he said.

“I’m not sure what the problem was but he was really struggling to make the two minutes, I saw they were struggling and I had a big gap in my schedule and I knew we needed all the points we could get.

“It was important to be able to get him out on the track and I was happy to help.

“It was a shame we couldn’t finish the meeting but in my last ride I couldn’t see much even though I was out in front so it was the sensible decision because we don’t want to see guys in hospital.”