DARRYL Ritchings is hopeful of making a track return in September following his horror crash which left him sedated in hospital.

It is now coming up to two months since the young reserve was taken to hospital in Oxford with brain injuries following a track crash at Blunsdon on April 3, where he remained sedated before making a rapid recovery and returning home at the end of April.

The Purton rider has already stated his desire to return to competitive racing, although he is not allowed to until next season at the earliest, but with his bikes for 2015 now under construction Ritchings is now keen to complete some solo laps by the end of the this year.

“I’m starting to get things ready for next year and we’re building things,” he said.

“We’re doing a little bit every day between me and my brothers and it’s good to be back in the workshop again.

“Hopefully I can come back at the end of this year and see how things are, the aim is to come back in September and get on the bike a bit and if I can do that I’ll be really pleased.

“I can’t race until next year but if I’m allowed I will be back on the bike. It’s up to the head specialist at Oxford to give me the all clear for things.

“I really can’t wait to get back on the bike again although I know it will be a little while yet.”

Ritchings no longer suffers from extreme bouts of tiredness or the headaches which he struggled with in the days after returning home from hospital, with his biggest hurdle now being on crutches due to the broken ankle he suffered in the crash.

“I try to stay awake as much as I can now and I’m getting there, there are a few check-ups still to go and it’s a long road, but I’m getting there,” he said.

“The biggest thing is my ankle and I’m still on crutches, but it’s coming along. I’m ahead on my ankle so that’s good.”