SWINDON Wildcats head coach Ryan Aldridge is not worried by other teams in the EPL having bigger budgets.

The Link Centre chief believes that the squad that he is putting together for the new campaign will be able to compete with the best.

And having added homegrown duo Lee Richardson and captain Shane Moore to his roster for the up-coming season, Aldridge has now re-signed nine of last year’s squad.

“There are a few bigger budgets in the league but we have just got to concentrate on signing the best team that we can with the budget that we have got – I think that we are doing that,” he said.

“I spoke to an old coach a few years ago and he said that he doesn’t look at what other teams are doing, he signs the best team he can for his budget and we are the same.

“Of course, in those games we will need to overachieve against those teams.

“If we can get back the majority of that team from last year then we will compete in every game.”

Aldridge said that he was delighted to have been able to bring back both Moore and Richardson having already signed Jan Kostal, Stevie Lyle, Alex Symonds, Aaron Nell, Henri Sandvik, Ollie Betteridge and Steve Whitfield.

“Having him (Richardson) back adds experience to our line and it is nice to have a homegrown player playing for us and someone who has been around for a long time.

“The thing with Lee, which is a massive, massive plus, is that he is prepared to play anywhere, forward or defence, and he can play forward or defence.

“Last year some games he was playing both so it is good to have someone who can jump into either spot and isn’t going to sulk about it.

“Shane was outstanding, last year he played hard, I thought that he really stepped up with the fighting side of it.

“To have him back is great, he is another guy you like to have around in the locker room. The fans absolutely love him, he is a fan favourite.”

Aldridge says that Moore has shown plenty of character in the side since returning to the Link Centre in 2011.

The head coach added: “He is very proud of playing in Swindon, last year the fights proved that.

“When you have to fight someone who is bigger and tougher than you and you are prepared to do that for your team-mates shows a lot about your character, he did that last year.

“He protected his team and fought some tough heavyweight guys.”