ALUN Rossiter will be simply hoping for a miracle as he leads a patched up Robins side into action at Leicester this afternoon.

With his top two of Peter Kildemand and Troy Batchelor both missing to compete in GP qualifying in Croatia, the Robins boss was still searching for a guest when the Advertiser went to print last night after both Davey Watt and Daniel Nermark were injured in track crashes having been booked to ride. Rossiter’s task was made all the more difficult with 19 Elite League riders in qualifier action.

With Lions trio Jason Doyle, Mads Korneliussen and Nicolai Klindt also in qualifying action, the Leicester management moved to book Bjarne Pedersen and Rory Schlein to guest for their top two while discussions were ongoing over whether to call the meeting off.

Having previously flagged the date up as problematic, Rossiter was under the impression the meeting was going to be postponed but now has to lead his team into action without a single recognised heat leader.

“It’s very frustrating because this could have been sorted months ago, we flagged it up but nothing happened,” he said.

“I get fed up of moaning about things like this, but I just feel frustrated. They wonder why people don’t go to speedway, well who wants to go to a meeting like this?

“It’s not helping the sport for sure and I really don’t know why this keeps being allowed to happen, I’m lost for words a little.

“Things happen, there are crashes and injuries which means teams can’t put out their full side, but this was flagged up in January and again over the last few months.

“This isn’t doing the sport any favours at all and it’s not good to see.”

With all members of the Robins team able to take rides in place of Kildemand, Rossiter knows the likes of Nick Morris and Simon Gustafsson need to step up to the plate.

“It would be a miracle if we got something from this, it really would, but you never know,” he said.

“Nick (Morris) goes really well around Leicester and Simon (Gustafsson) needs to keep up his good form if we are going to do anything.

“It will be really tough, we know that, but we will give it everything.”

LEICESTER: Bjarne Pedersen, Simon Stead, Rory Schlein, Ashley Birks, Krzysztof Buczkowski, Josh Bates, Max Clegg.

SWINDON: Peter Kildemand R/R, Dakota North, Nick Morris, Simon Gustafsson, TBC, Nathan Greaves, Steve Worrall.