STEVE Worrall can feel the confidence growing within the Robins’ reserve pairing as partner Nathan Greaves continues to make strides in his young career.

Worrall has been the one constant at reserve for Swindon this season with his three partners - Darryl Ritchings, Dan Greenwood and now Greaves - only managing a combined 26 points from 15 meetings compared to Worrall’s 95 from 12.

However, Greaves has been making rapid strides and, after the duo secured the Robins’ first 5-1 all season in their last home meeting with Wolverhampton, Worrall is starting to feel confident in the partnership.

“Nathan just needs time on the bike and that’s massive, you have to ride and spend as much time on the bike as possible to get better,” he said.

“He’s managed to go through an entire meeting (at Leicester) now without crashing which is great.

“Nathan can only get better, everyone needs a chance and it’s great he’s got one.

“The more you race the less you crash and he’s getting better every week.

“With the other guys we’ve had at reserve I’ve kind of felt I’ve had to go out and win the races just in case he’s not there, but with Nathan it’s different.

“Of course I still want to win the race but it just feels like Nathan might be there with me and it gives us a lot more confidence.”

Greaves has been pleased with the progress he has made in recent weeks and feels as if he’s getting better with every race which passes.

“I’ve been falling off quite a lot lately so it’s nice to have gone through a whole meeting without one,” he said.

“I’m getting better all the time and the experience I’m getting while riding with Swindon is obviously showing in my riding and helping me a lot.

“You have to enjoy it and that’s the main thing, even if you’re losing you still have to enjoy it.

“Me and my mechanic are getting to know more about me as a rider and more about the bike so it’s all going well.”