NICK Morris is hoping a significant investment in new equipment will help him get his season back on track.

The Aussie youngster has been struggling in recent weeks, both in the Elite and Premier Leagues, and hasn’t been getting a smooth ride from his bikes going into the corners.

In a bid to sort the problems Morris has stripped his bikes back and replaced a number of parts, with the hope of producing his best form once again.

“I’ve been struggling lately but I felt alright on the track on Monday but couldn’t quite get the points I probably deserved,” he said.

“I’ve been working really hard on my bikes and clearing my head and everything else and, although four points wasn’t good enough, I was making awful starts but still felt fast.

“I have to take the positives and come back on Thursday and make sure everything’s alright.

“I’ve spent some money and bought some clutches, carbies (carburetors) and shockies (shock absorbers) because I’ve had a tough time getting into the corners.

“Hopefully that can do the trick and I can get things sorted out again.

“The changes have definitely made a difference but it’s not all about the bikes, speedway is in your head too.”

The 20-year-old’s next chance to impress comes this evening when King’s Lynn Stars come to town, with Morris knowing he and his teammates need to be at their best against the league leaders.

“King’s Lynn have a really good team and a few riders who are really good around Swindon but our boys are good round our own track too so we will have to go out there and do our thing.”