A GROUP of golfers from Wrag Barn completed one of the sport’s most gruelling challenges recently - and then took things one step further.

Kendle McCrossan, Jack Seaman, Richard Scarrott and Dan Pulham took part in the Longest Day Challenge, which aims to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support by subjecting players to 72 holes of golf in a single day.

Not content with this target, the Swindon quartet aimed to complete 100 holes, teed off at around 4.30am and didn’t return home until close to 9pm.

As well as playing close to 500 shots, the four players also walked around 35 miles to complete their task, with the Longest Day rules banning trollies or golf buggies, but it all seemed worth it as they raised £2,500 for charity.

“It was a long day,” Pulham said.

“We wanted to do the Longest Day challenge but then we thought we could maybe take things one step further, so we went for 100 holes.

“It was just about light when we started playing and it was getting dark by the time we came off, so it was a long old day of golf.

“The rules say you aren’t allowed buggies or anything like that so it was a tough old day and we ended up walking about 35 miles, I think, but it was a fun thing to do.

“We did this event in order to raise plenty of money for charity so to raise close to £2,500 makes it all worth it.”

In total the event raised nearly £800,000 nationally in 2013 while this year’s total is yet to be announced.