THE Trowbridge Seniors Tuesday match fished at Eden Vale was won by Dickie Bird, from Melksham, with 34 lb of skimmers.

Jim Escott, from Melksham, was next with 25 lb 4 oz of roach and perch and Pete Thomas, from Bristol, took third prize with 25 lb of roach, skimmers and perch.

Other placings: 4. Roger Green Trowbridge 24 lb; 5. Bernie Ryan Devizes 22 lb; 6. Graham Hayward Lavington 19 lb 12 oz.

THE Trowbridge Wednesday Open on the Bristol Avon at Staverton was won by Gerald Lugg, from Beckington, with 12 lb 2 oz of chub and eels.

Gary Etheridge was runner up spot with 9 lb 15 oz of roach, with Steve Martin, from Frome, third with 5 lb 8 oz of roach.

Other placings: 4. Pete Williamson Devizes 5 lb 4 oz; 5. Dave Baker Trowbridge 4 lb 13 oz; 6. Alan Hillier Westbury 4 lb 12 oz.

LEECH Pool hosted the Wilts Angling Open Thursday Evening match where in-form Tony Gilbert, from Melksham, carried off top prize with 109 lb of carp.

Ian Willetts, from Bradford, was runner up with 93 lb of carp, followed by Bill Gilbert, from Melksham, with 76 lb of carp.

Other placings: 4. Ben Ludwell West Ashton 70 lb; 5. Larry Willetts Bradford 30 lb.

RICHARD Whitmarsh, from Frome, kept up his good run of form to take top prize in the Airsprung Friday Evening match on the River Frome at Stowford with 11 lb 4 oz of roach and perch .

Dean Adams, from Bradford, was runner up with 5 lb of roach and perch and Mick Withy, from Westbury, was third with 2 lb 9 oz of roach and perch.

SUNDAY’S Wilts Angling Open match at Todber Manor was won by Tony Gilbert, from Melksham, with 201 lb of carp.

Stuart White, from Chippenham, was next with 148 lb 12 oz, followed by Dan White, from Yeovil, with 118 lb 12 oz.

Other placings: 4. Mark Withy Yeovil 114 lb 4 oz; 5. Ian Willetts Bradford 84 lb 2 oz; 6. Matt Skyrme Trowbridge 82 lb 12 oz.

THE Trowbridge Sunday match on the Bristol Avon at Staverton went to Gerald Lugg, from Beckington, with 7 lb 12 oz of chub and perch.

Kevin Grant, from Trowbridge, took 6 lb 8 oz of perch for secnd, with Vic Abbott, from Bradford, third with 6 lb 7 oz of roach.

Other placings: 4. Andy Jones Lavington 5 lb 9 oz; 5. Kevin Morris Lavington 3 lb 13 oz; 6. Pete Zymiak Trowbridge 3 lb 12 oz.

SUNDAY’S inter-club event between Avon and King Billy on the Bristol Avon at Lacock saw Avon take team honours with a weight of 75 lb to 52 lb 8 oz.

Avon’s Marcus Crook of Avon was top individual with 24 lb 5 oz of chub and dace.

Other placings: 2. Bob Ryan, Avon, 21 lb 4 oz; 3. Jerry Pocock, King Billy, 19 lb 10 oz; 4. Shane Caswell King Billy 16 lb 4 oz; 5. Sean O’Neil Avon 15 lb; 6. Pat Brushneen Avon 13 lb 15 oz.


Ivy House Fishery Saturday Open: 1 Chris Timms, Cotswold Angling, 99 lb 13 oz; 2 Elick Payne, Calne, 69 lb 7 oz; 3 Chris Telling, Colmic Airon, 69 lb 4 oz.

Chippenham Monday Evening match: 1. Gary Etheridge, Devizes, 15 lb 1 oz; 2. Steve Palmer, Chippenham, 8 lb 12 oz; 3. Mark Wooldridge, 8 lb 11 oz 8 dm; 4. Kevin Williams Chippenham 5 lb 12 oz; 5. Alex Hyde Chippenham 4 lb 5 oz; 6. Gary Williamson Devizes 3 lb 15 oz.

Calne Tuesday Evening match (Hazeland): 1. Tim Carr, Calne, 2 lb 14 oz; 2. Simon Fear, Calne, 2 lb 9 oz; 3. Martin Dolman, Calne, 2 lb; 4. Brian Johnson Calne 1 lb 4 oz; 5. Gary Dodson Calne 1 lb 0 oz; 6. Pete Bewley Calne 12 oz.

Future events

Saturday July 19: Avon SCC Open match at Melksham; Calne match at Christian Malford.

Sunday July 20: Devizes v Lavington at Crookwood Lake; Wilts Angling match at Conigre; Airsprung match at Leech Pool.

Monday July 21: Chippenham Evening match at Chippenham.

Tuesday July 22: Calne Evening match at Hazeland; Avon Evening match at Portman Road; Trowbridge Seniors match at Cuckoos Rest.

Wednesday July 23: Trowbridge Open match at Staverton.