ALUN Rossiter has admitted anything his Great Britain side achieve now is a bonus following their World Cup Event One success on Saturday night.

The Lions were always in control as they secured their place at Bydgoszcz on Saturday with a win over USA and Australia at King’s Lynn, with Tai Woffinden, Danny King, Chris Harris and Simon stead all hitting double figures.

Rossiter has already confirmed the quartet in his team for the final, where they will take on hosts Poland the winner of Event Two and the Race-Off winners, with the Britain team attending Thursday night’s last-chance qualifier.

While in years gone by some teams have been happy to take the Race-Off route to reach the final, Rossiter is delighted with the path he and his side have taken and is excited to see what his side can do.

“Some people say it’s better to go there, but why?” he said.

“We can sit back and take the plaudits but whatever happens now is all a bonus, I’m just so proud to be in the final with the boys and anything can happen now.

“We’ll fly to Poland on Wednesday and we’ll go to the race-off as a team, as a unit, having flown out there together as a team in our uniform.

“It will be the same four riders with Richie Worrall there again as part of the team, he played an important part and this is all good for him and a good experience for the future.”

The Norfolk Arena was packed to the rafters for Saturday night’s meeting and, with a new stadium in the pipeline for the Robins, the team manager would like nothing more than to see similar scenes in Wiltshire.

“Nights like this at Swindon would be amazing and I would love to be in charge,” he said.

“I’d like to think I haven’t done a bad job so far but I’m certainly not counting any chickens or anything yet.”