SWINDON Robins will be without reserve Nathan Greaves against Lakeside tomorrow after the youngster was injured in this evening's 56-35 defeat at Poole.

The teenager slipped off alone while in second place in heat nine at Wimborne Road but, after hitting the deck, he was ploughed into by Benji Crompton leaving him requiring medical attention for a knock to the head and potential ligament damage in his thumb.

It is that thumb injury which will keep him out tomorrow night, rather than the slight knock to the head, with boss Alun Rossiter working on a potential replacement now.

“I’ve torn ligaments in it I think so it should be too painful to ride this time, but I should be okay for next week,” Greaves said.

“It’s hard to hold onto the bike when you’ve got an injury like that, although when the adrenaline’s going and I’ve got some tablets in my I will be fine, but I don’t want to tell Alun I can ride and then get on the track and let the team down.

“I made a good start and was battling with Kyle (Newman) and then hit a bump and my foot came off the footpeg, and it’s impossible to go round a corner with your foot off. I went into the fence and when I was standing up Benji knocked me straight back down. It could have been worse, though.”