NICK Morris can feel a boost in confidence running through him after just two meetings back at second string.

Until Wednesday’s trip to Poole the young Aussie had spent the entire season at heat leader; performing admirably despite being faced with some of the best riders in the world in almost every race, due to the new format.

However, Simon Gustafsson has now jumped above him in the pecking order, leaving Morris with a slightly easier schedule consisting of rides against heat leaders, second strings and fast track reserves.

The 20-year-old took advantage on Thursday as he top scored with 11+1 against Lakeside, giving him the confidence boost he knows he needed.

“I know it’s a bit of an easier number for me but I’ve been working so hard to get everything back to normal for me with my bikes, and it’s good it’s worked,” he said.

“There’s good riders in every race still but it is definitely easier than being a heat leader, but I need it that bit easier to get my confidence back up again and work myself into a heat leader spot again.

“The last couple of meetings have been that little bit better, although I didn’t score that many at Poole, but I can feel that confidence boost and I need to kick on.”

“I’ve tried using some of Batch’s clutch springs like I used last year and I seemed to gate better with them, and the last three races seemed really good.

“There’s still work to do but we’re getting there.”

The Robins face home and away clashes with Eastbourne this week, starting tonight at Arlington, “I’m flat out now and racing pretty much every day for the next two weeks so we go to Eastbourne on Monday looking to win,” he said.

“A few of us go pretty good there so hopefully we can get something, so it’s good for me to be racing all the time. I don’t like it when you race once and then have a week off because you can’t get into a groove.”