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SPEEDWAY LIVE: Swindon Robins 56 Eastbourne Eagles 36

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    Swindon Robins 56 Eastbourne Eagles 36
  • ROBINS: Hans Andersen G (3-2'-1-1) 7+1; Dakota North (1-3-3-3-0) 10; Simon Gustafsson (0-2-0-2) 4; Nick Morris (3-0-2-3) 8; Troy Batchelor (3-3-0-3-3) 12; Nathan Greaves (1-2'-1-2') 6+2; Jason Garrity G (3-1-3-2') 9+1.
  • EAGLES: Bjarne Pedersen (2-2^-3-2-2) 11+1; Timo Lahti (0-1-3-1) 5; Cameron Woodward G (1'-0-1-0) 2+1; Joonas Kylmakorpi (1-2-2^-1) 6; Mikkel Michelsen (2-3-2-0-1') 8+1; Joe Jacobs G (2-0-2) 4; Danny Halsey (0-0-0-0-0) 0.


J.Wood 7:26pm Thu 14 Aug 14
This will be interesting, no Kilderman or Worrall
Score: 0
Bristols 9:46pm Thu 14 Aug 14
J.Wood wrote: This will be interesting, no Kilderman or Worrall
But we did have DAK !!!! well done and congratulations the Rockin Robins. Nice One .
Score: 1
mikeinwanborough 10:13pm Thu 14 Aug 14
Shame the meeting was so poorly attended, after the management put on various things for us e.g. Charlie-Anne. Simon struggled a bit, but overall this was a good, solid performance and a good choice of guests. Hans did what was needed in his first couple of rides and Jason was an able replacement for Stevie. Another great effort from Nathan and Dak, and nice to see Troy back to form, and an improvement from Nick. I am sure we will make the play-offs, as long as week maintain 'fortress Blunsdon' , but I am concerned that Kings Lynn will avoid us, and we'll be left to face Pole in the semis, and I don't think we'll fare any better than last year.
Score: 2
morris 1 11:01pm Thu 14 Aug 14
Good effort by all - well done
Score: 0
Di kanny oh 11:32pm Thu 14 Aug 14
Need to get young Greaves signed up this kid looks a different rider and the progress is awesome. Few weeks ago he could not stay on his bike yet now he is beating riders like Timo Lahti and twice just to rub it in. Great win tonight good guest and Dakota North has silenced his critics I believe with some consistent scoring and was magnificent tonight. Need decent guest next week but only Poole and KL not riding Monday but have much more choice against Kings Lynn Thursday with rest of teams not riding I would plump for Magic or Schlien at Coventry and Wolves Pawlicki on Thursday.
Score: 2

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