NATHAN Greaves knows better than anyone he still has plenty of work to do despite impressive showings in the Robins’ last two home meetings.

The teenager scored 6+2 against both Lakeside and Eastbourne, with two victories over Timo Lahti the highlight of his performance against the Eagles on Thursday night.

Greaves’s progress since replacing Dan Greenwood in the Swindon team highlights all that is good about the new Fast Track Draft, but the rider himself knows he still needs to find a level of consistency.

“It’s finally coming together for me but I need to keep going next week, although it is good to have some consistency,” he said.

“It’s all about the experience really, I keep riding and keep learning what line to take and how to do things with set-ups, but I need to be consistent now.

“I make one good start and then two bad ones, that’s really important. The points I dropped in the last meeting were in the reserve races so that shows the inconsistency.

“If I keep doing what I’m doing then hopefully there will be some more points for me.

“It’s all been a really good experience for me so far and I just hope I can keep on improving.”

Greaves’s improving form could yet be the key to the Robins’ hopes of making the Elite League play-offs, which would provide the teenager with vital extra meetings.

“We’re going good and if I keep going on doing what I’m doing and the rest of the guys do too then I don’t see why we can’t be there,”

“It’s good to know where you are in the table, especially for someone like me because I really want more meetings.

“If we get more then that can only help me so I need to get as many as I can.”

Greaves will be racing for the Robins at Coventry for the first time this evening given he wasn’t at the club for the trip earlier in the season, joining the following day in place of axed reserve Greenwood.

Riding at Brandon in the National League against Coventry Storm earlier in the campaign, Greaves managed 3+1 in Cradley’s 46-43 defeat.