JERMAINE Hylton is currently not being considered for selection as Swindon Town ponder what disciplinary action to take against the striker following his midweek walk-out.

The 23-year-old, who has made 15 appearances for Town so far this season, promptly left Northampton Town’s Sixfields ground before kick-off after discovering that he hadn’t been included in Luke Williams’ squad for Swindon’s clash with the Cobblers on Tuesday night.

At present, Hylton isn’t set to feature against Oldham Athletic at the County Ground tomorrow but head coach Williams hasn’t completely ruled out that position changing before 3pm on Saturday.

“There’s obviously disciplinary action needed,” said Williams.

“We’re dealing with that in the football club and we will obviously know the direction that we’re going in once we’ve had a chance to assess things.

“I’m sure we can make that known at that point but for now, we’re just going to continue to sort the matter in-house.’’

Asked whether Hylton would be available tomorrow, Williams added: “As things stand, no, but there’s time and things can change quite quickly, so we have to do what we think is right.

“It’s more than just me making the decision. We’ve got a director of football (Tim Sherwood) and we will make sure that we do what we think is right by the entire squad.

“This is a matter for the entire football club – not just one individual.”

Meanwhile, midfielder Rohan Ince is back available for selection against the Latics after the on-loan Brighton & Hove Albion man was cleared of hitting a bouncer with a bottle at Reading Crown Court on Wednesday.

Williams is full of sympathy for the situation that the 24-year-old has had to deal with and is looking forward to Ince focusing back on on-pitch matters between now and the end of the season.

The Town chief said: “I’m delighted for him.

“As a young man, I was involved in a similar type of scenario. I was a victim of an attack and I don’t think you quite realise how much it weighs on you until after the event.

“I think Rohan’s just discovered that himself, that he probably didn’t realise the stress that he was carrying on his shoulders.

“He dealt with it very well and he felt like he’d probably put it to the back of his mind, but it’s there.

“I think, now he can really focus on having a strong finish to the season for us.

“There definitely is a sense of relief about him but of course, with the situation we’re in at the football club – another intense environment – he’s a professional and he’s absolutely prepared to deal with that.

“I’m delighted for him to have that off his shoulders.”

Right-sided full-back Bradley Barry, who has been out with an ankle injury since early January, is back in contention to play against Oldham but influential defender Raphael Branco will be serving the first of a two-game ban accrued for an accumulation of yellow cards.