I’M ONLY just getting started in my Swindon Robins career and it’s good to be able to shut a few people up here and there.

I’ve seen a few things written on forums or on Facebook, saying: ‘He should be at reserve’ and another one said: ‘He looks like one’.

That doesn’t faze me, it just makes me laugh and think: ‘Stuff you, I’ll show you’ and I think that is exactly what we have done over the last couple of meetings.

We’ve made a few people realise that I’m not just some reserve who will go out and score two or three points, I can ride a bike and I’m only going to get better.

I don’t really know what I’m doing differently but it’s all confidence.

You have got to be confident that you can go out there and compete.

Sometimes you look across and you think: ‘Oh, that’s Chris Harris next to me’ but that is something I don’t do any more.

I don’t care who I am up against. I just go up to the tapes and think: ‘It’s just me and my team partner in this race’.

People can say what they like before the season gets going but we’re already showing people that we are a good team, we’re not just some pushovers made up of reserves - Rosco knows what he is doing, his record shows it.

The same thing happened last season when I was at Somerset, everyone wrote us off before the season had even started and look what happened there.

It is what it is but it’s always good to be the underdog and it is fun, shutting people up basically.

I just like doing that.

I’m not just going to lay down and come last.

If you’re not where you want to be, you need to be overtaking.

I don’t know how many other passes there were last week against Rye House Rockets in the Knockout Cup but I think I made one or two.

You can pass around the track at the Abbey Stadium, which is good.

I’m enjoying what I’m doing and hopefully everyone else is too, and then we’re winning meetings, and everyone is happy.