SWINDON Robins team manager Alun Rossiter won’t let complacency creep in when he takes his side to Leicester Lions this evening.

The Robins head to Beaumont Park buoyed by two stunning results over league leaders Belle Vue Aces last week, where they picked up seven points in the process.

As a result, Swindon have moved to within two points of the play-offs and with Leicester currently at the bottom of the pile, Rossiter is keen to keep their momentum flowing.

“We can’t be over confident,” he said. “We just need to keep the same belief and the same focus on what we are doing and stay the same.

“If we make starts at Leicester like we did in Manchester on Friday night, we will win the meeting.

“People are looking at us now but we have got to keep our feet on the ground.

“I build a team, I try my hardest and whatever happens, I have got to live and die by my sword.”

Rossiter is also keen to see the positivity spreading through the club spread to the fans, having come in for a fair share of criticism this season.

However, having seemingly struck a nice balance with the arrival of Tobiasz Musielak, the Abbey chief knows that everyone must be pulling in the same direction for the remainder of the season.

“Swindon fans, we’re always good when we’re winning but when things get a little bit tough, they go down,” he added.

“There was a negative outlay on Thursday when we lost Jason (Doyle), it was all doom and gloom, but, hey, we’ve got a team of racers here.

“Guys that listen and are hungry, come and back the team.

“They aren’t going to do it with fans sat at home moaning about us.

“Tobiasz has brought a lovely bit of balance to the side.

“When things are good, which they are at the moment, they’ll praise me but when things go badly, I’ll be the first one they knock down, but keep it coming.

“Just keep it off the riders and we’ll just keep doing what we’re doing.”

Swindon will again be without skipper Jason Doyle for the trip, as he continues to recover from his broken foot, which flared up last week.

However, with Batchelor securing three heat wins from his four races on Friday night, Rossiter has no qualms sticking with the Aussie, who has also come in for criticism of late.

“I know he has been taking some flak on the internet with regard to his injury,” said the Swindon boss.

“If you look at his thumb, it is twice the size of the other one.

“Everybody thinks they know everything but they don’t really know anything.”