SWINDON boss Alun Rossiter was full of praise for both sets of riders as the Robins battled through difficult conditions to beat Coventry 51-39 and fire themselves back to the top of the Elite League table.

The home side were led home by Peter Kildemand and Jason Doyle who combined to seal maximum points with a 5-1 in heat 15, on a night where a greasy track made things difficult for both teams.

A heavy shower in the hour leading up to the meeting caused problems in turns three and four with a number of riders hitting the fence during the night, and Coventry rider Adam Roynon was taken to hospital following a heavy fall.

Passing was few and far between during a meeting where the racing was not at its best, but Rossiter praised both teams for putting on a show and was delighted to go back to the top of the table.

“It wasn’t ideal and it wasn’t the best of racing or a spectacle, but you have to praise both sets of riders because the weather made things hard,” he said.

“But we got what we wanted and we are back at the top of the league, and I am pleased with the boys.

“We are two points clear and have raced the same amount of meetings as Poole, so the ball is in our court now, and it is up to us to see it through.”

Chris Harris took victory in the opening race to get the visitors off to a perfect start, but behind him both Simon Stead and Roynon hit the deck in greasy conditions before getting up to battle it out for a point.

The difficult third and fourth bend claimed Nick Morris and Leigh Lanham as its next victims in heat two as Dawid Lampart took victory for an unusual 3-2, before Doyle and Kildemand struggled to a 5-1 in the third race of the night.

The heavy machinery was soon called out for an early track grading, and in the following heat all four riders stayed upright as Scott Nicholls took victory ahead of Troy Batchelor and Lampart for the Robins to lead by three.

They were pegged back to within a point in the next heat as Harris claimed his second victory, but the home side were soon back on track as guest Rory Schlein registered his first win of the night ahead of Nicholls. Stead gave the former Robin a run for his money, but couldn’t get the drive to make the pass.

Morris was sent crashing into the turn four fence for the second time as Kenni Larsen flew into the side of him, and in the re-run Eddie Kennett led until Troy Batchelor made a superb pass going into turn three for a 4-2.

Lampart and Stead steamed to an easy 5-1 in heat eight to extend the Robins lead to nine points.

In the next race Kildemand made a flyer before the ride lights came on, but after being warned to stay still he made another electric start to take victory, although Doyle overcooked it as he fell in chase of Nicholls.

Schlein won his second race of the night ahead of Kennett, and he was backed up by a point from Lampart who replaced Stead who was feeling the effects of his earlier spill.

Roynon was taken to hospital for an x-ray on his back after a crash in heat 11, and in the re-run Batchelor put in a superb display to beat Harris who was on a tactical ride for the visitors.

Heat 12 was re-run with all four riders after Kennett went down in turn one, and Kildemand stormed to victory in the re-run. Batchelor went in chase of Harris in heat 13 but overcooked it and hit the fence, and his bike hit Schlein in the head who looked to be out cold, but the Aussie was soon up and took his place in the re-run only to fall again as Harris and Nicholls claimed a 5-0.

In the second re-staging of heat 14 Lampart and Doyle tangled with the Pole hitting the deck, but by staying down he allowed Doyle to win the re-run.

Harris ploughed into the fence to secure maximum points for the Robins, which Doyle and Kildemand ensured in style as they beat Nicholls for a 5-1.