WILDCATS’ two new imports will strike fear into the rest of the English Premier League this season, according to British forward Aaron Nell.

Head coach Ryan Aldridge recruited Michal Kapicka and Matias Perkkio during the summer and Nell says it will work in favour of Swindon that the pair are new to the EPL .

“He (Kapicka) has put up a lot of good numbers and obviously has something about him which means he can score, so hopefully he brings that,” said Nell.

“(Perkkio) has been playing a high level, I think a lot of players including myself have been watching him and thinking he’s very, very talented. He is big, a good skater with really good hands and a very hard shot.

“Hopefully both of them can adjust to the English style of play pretty quick and surprise a lot of teams around the league.

“I think it was right that Ryan got two new guys who are young and fresh to the country. Teams are scared of new players and I think they will scare a lot of teams.”

Czech Kapicka and Finn Perkkio are two-thirds of Swindon’s import forwards, the other being the returning Swede Jonas Hoog, who has always been enormously popular among the Link Centre faithful.

Wildcats’ only other import is Czech defenceman Jan Melichar, and Nell believes Aldridge made the right decision to bring in three foreign forwards.

“A lot of teams now are going with two import D-men but I don’t really agree with that,” he said.

“I think unless you’ve got a British player who can score a lot of goals, you have to go with three forward imports.

“We’ve got that and we’ve also got British players who can score a lot of goals.”

Aldridge’s troops travel to Slough tonight for their third and final challenge match ahead of Saturday’s EPL opener at home to Manchester (5.45pm).

And Nell is looking forward to playing alongside his new teammates for the first time at the Hangar, against a side that finished fourth in the table in the 2011/12 regular season.

“Every year you see the team and you know all the British players, but you always look out for your imports and the imports in the other teams,” he added.

“It’s exciting having these two new guys and Jonas will want to play better to impress them.”