JONAS Hoog has revealed it was an easy decision to return to Wildcats once he had made his mind up to play in England again.

The Stockholm-born wing is raring to go in front of the supporters that so desperately wanted him to come back to Wiltshire this summer.

“I had no clue if I was going to come back to England but I knew if I did, it would be at Swindon,” he said.

“It was not a choice. If I play in England, I play in Swindon. “I like it here, everyone is nice and they treat me well, so why should I change it?

“I’ve been here and the States, which is also very nice, but in England they are great people.

“It’s always fun to have people like you, so it’s very fun to come back here. I love the fans and the fans love me.”

Swindon’s top scorer in 2011/12 with 92 points from 54 games, Hoog set himself up for contests against Manchester and Sheffield this weekend with a hat-trick in the 7-5 challenge match win at Slough on Wednesday.

The former Chamonix man, who turns 26 tomorrow, is hungry to bring long-awaited silverware to the Link Centre and is happy to sacrifice personal glory to achieve that end.

“I always try my best and last year worked out pretty good, so I hope it’s all going to work out pretty good this year too,” he said.

“I don’t have a points target right now, as long as we win the games and I play well it doesn’t matter.

“Every year I want to win so my goal is to win the league and win the cup - everything. That’s why I came here, because I want to win.”