RYAN Aldridge says he will not change his attacking philosophy and has challenged Swindon’s players to fit into the new forward-thinking system.

The head coach laid down his intentions to ‘take it to teams’ in pre-season and says it is down to his squad members to adapt.

And with ambitions high at the Link Centre, Aldridge says he is not afraid to make changes to suit an attacking style, if that is what’s required to secure success.

“In Swindon we've always been in the unlucky situation where we've had to adapt the team to the players and this year we're not doing that,” he said.

“If players can't adapt to the style of play that we want to play, then we'll probably have to find somebody else so we've got the depth to carry on.

“We want to take it to teams, and I think our offence will be able to bring us that, especially if the two new guys (Matias Perkkio and Michal Kapicka) are as good as we think they are.”

Meanwhile, Aldridge has explained the decision to recruit five defenceman for the 2012/13 campaign, revealing he was unable to bring in the extra player he wanted.

However, the Wildcats supremo reiterated he was delighted with the blend he had achieved with the current roster.

“I would have liked to have got six players for our D-core, but it just didn't work out,” he said.

“When you look at most teams around the league, they have got either a very strong D-core or a very strong offence, and I think we've got a good mix of both.”