SWINDON netminder Dean Skinns admits there is plenty of jealousy towards Guildford from teams in the EPL, but says financial clout is no guarantee of success.

Skinns spent 2009/10 with the Flames and is keenly aware of the extent to which the club craves success and the funds the Flames have available.

However, ahead of tomorrow’s EPL showdown between the sides at the Link Centre, the gloveman says that gives his team plenty of incentive to record a second league win in a row.

“What you see is what you get with Guildford, they are a very good team in all areas and always will be,” he said.

“I know from my time there how much the club wants to win trophies every year. They will do what they have to do to get the players to win.

“Guildford get a lot of stick because they have got the money to spend on things.

“There’s teams in the league that don’t have the capability to do that, but they do it because they want to win. I’m sure other teams would do the same if they could.

“But just because they have a lot of money doesn’t mean they are going to win everything.

“Whenever you play a game against them, everyone wants to beat them for several reasons including to prove a point.”

Skinns turned 28 on Wednesday, a birthday he celebrated by shutting out Basingstoke as his team notched up an impressive 2-0 victory in Hampshire.

The match had not started in ideal style for the ex-Bison man, as he was not able to warm up due to not having the right kit.

In addition, Basingstoke had failed to book any match officials, resulting in a delay of over an hour before face-off could take place.

But both of these setbacks did not unduly affect Skinns, who was in superb form to keep out the home side.

“In my 12 professional seasons I’ve never known a team forget to order referees,” he admitted.

“It was a massive win for us, to be honest we’ve probably played better on the road than we have at home.

“To go to Basingstoke who have not let in a goal for the last two home games and stop them scoring was a great effort.

“Whenever a goalie gets a shutout I don’t think you can always put it down to the goalie.

“Without players clearing rebounds and clearing bodies then it can’t happen. It was a team shutout on Wednesday.”