TROY Batchelor has promised a much-improved display when he takes to the track for tonight’s second leg.

The in-form Aussie endured a mixed evening on Monday as he looked every bit as quick as Chris Holder and Darcy Ward, but hit the deck twice as he gave his all for the Robins’ cause.

Batchelor was just being happy to walk away from his two spills in the first leg, and is desperate to play his part as the Robins bid to win their first league title since 1967.

“I crashed a couple of times and maybe threw away a few points, but I am just happy to not be out of the meeting after my crash in the first race,” he said.

“Overall I have been going well and I feel I had some good speed, but I made some big mistakes and maybe I made a few mistakes.

“Speedway is hard and you can’t always promise 10 points every meeting, but I will be back.

“I want to show why I am here and why we are talked about as we are.

“I have scored well all year, and it would be terrible to let everyone down in the play-offs.

“One of their top three could easily suffer a crash in their first ride just like I did, and if that does happen then it will hurt them a lot more than it hurt us.”