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SPEEDWAY LIVE: Swindon Robins - Elite League champions 2012

Last updated:

  • Poole Pirates 45 Swindon Robins 44 (89-95 agg) after heat 15
  • POOLE PIRATES: Chris Harris (2-3-1-2')8+1, Ricky Kling (0-1'-1-1'-0)3+2, Chris Holder (2-2-3-3-2')12+1, rr, Krzysztof Kasprzak (3-2-2-3-3-3)16, Ludvig Lindgren (F-0-R-0-1)1, Linus Eklof (2-0-2-1-0)5.
  • SWINDON ROBINS: Hans Andersen (1-3-3-X-1)8, Simon Stead (3-1-3-1)8, Peter Kildemand (3-3-3-2-0)11, Nick Morris(0-1-2'-2)5+1, Troy Batchelor (2-2-2-1)7, Dawid Lampart (F-FX-0)0, Seb Alden (3-1'-0-1'-0)5+2.


Oxon-Red 11:20pm Mon 22 Oct 12
Only ever been to speedway once when I was about 10, a neighbour was a fanatic and I saw Reading-Poole (they were Poole fans) in 71-72. I watched the racing tonight, really enjoyed it and, despite my lack of knowledge about the sport, felt Swindon were the better riders on the night. Well done Swindon, fantastic performance. Two Championship winning sides in one year is tremendous for the town. I hope the football club give your guys the recognition they deserve.
Score: 0
Another view 8:42pm Mon 22 Oct 12
You Robins - 12 point lead into the second half of the night. That long long wait looks like ending!
Score: 0
StillPav 9:10pm Mon 22 Oct 12
Score: 0
morris 1 9:18pm Mon 22 Oct 12
Congratulations Rosco and the lads you all played a part.
Score: 0
GalaxyMan 9:18pm Mon 22 Oct 12
ABSOLUTELY MAGICAL! Congratulations to Patch and Rosco and ALL the team. Bloody brilliant bunch of lads!
Score: 0
connell29 9:32pm Mon 22 Oct 12
Congratulations, the 45 year wait is over and those riders become Legends. Will Gary and Rosco put on a celebration home meeting for the fans to welcome home the champions?
Score: 0
oldlegtrailer 9:47pm Mon 22 Oct 12
Who ever it is the Mayor, Patchett, Rosco, the Council some one must put . on a proper celebration for this team. I am sure the fans will dig a bit into their pockets to contribute towards riders costs to bring the foreign boys over. Lets do it! Rosco your emotions show how much this meant to you
Score: 0
morris 1 9:54pm Mon 22 Oct 12
It must choke Kelvin Tatum to say anything nice about Swindon - it would have not made any difference if Ward had ridden tonight Harris was just as good. As for saying that some of the Poole riders were not performing as well tonight - get it right Tatum we beat them.
Score: 0
fatman 10:00pm Mon 22 Oct 12
I said before the start of season Swindon would not win anything with Rosco in charge delighted to say I was wrong Congratulations to the team and Rosco happy to be proved wrong
Score: 0
mikek 10:12pm Mon 22 Oct 12
All over by heat 12 tonight so final result did not matter and this one Roscoe said was for Leigh Adams. Awesome display from our riders to beat Holder, Kasprzak and Bomber in the early heats to really turn the screw and the strength in depth did tell in the end. Fabulous riding on a very wet tricky track and these riders have done Swindon proud and Simon Stead you have made me eat some huge humble pie after saying we would not win the title with him in the side well let me just say Simon was magnificent in both legs and to win heat 1 like he did tonight was just incredible. Well done Roscoe and the boys and can we keep this team together please. Magnificent ROBINS
Score: 0
jayphotofinish 12:44am Tue 23 Oct 12
Congractulations Rosco, no wonder the tears flowed tonight - you have waited ALMOST your whole life as a mascot in 1967 fast forward tonight, you only have to look up the definition of the word TEAM and that is why you guys are deservedly the EL champions. Game plan worked a treat.Nothing should be taken away from what you achieved tonight.Quite simply you wanted it more than Poole -end of.Didn't know how much I could have enjoyed your success more- unless of course I was Les aubrey your lensman- hope he got some good snaps. Your Roy of the rovers bottom to TOP is the stuff of dreams and is good for speedway IMO. simon being your trump card and peter being a focussed scandinavian like they are should be the toast of the town.Your match winner. Hans the LIFT you needed - he'[ll know what I'm on about and feel sure he enjoyed this one! Champagne's out of the ice bucket- gift from a job I did earlier. Jay @PhotoFinish/indigo Images
Score: 0
jayphotofinish 1:23am Tue 23 Oct 12
Forgot to say I had a flutter on swindon winning the league at the start of the season and I will enjoy collecting my winnings tomorrow.- Might even take the morning off....who knows. Do believe that the KOC is a farcical event and those still involved should abstain and not participate in it as it becomes meaningless now. Make it as the show piece season opener as you should rightfully be in it and a result shouldn't be reliant on what comes out of the hat, in this way it would put a marker down to the eventual way forward that this sport needs to take before everyone turns the light off and closes the door. Mushroom's thrive on this and something else not so nice but we shouldn't have to put up with it. The way forward, a fans consortium of six to attend the AGM. Thats it- me done for this season, its been interesting to say the least. Jay- Happy Christmas.
Score: 0
gruntfuttocks 8:00am Tue 23 Oct 12
Huge Congratulations to the Robins. an excellent performance an the very worthy winners of the elite league 2012. Stead came good at the right time and DIDN'T cost us the title away from home. good job by all involved in the team. enjoy your success, it's been a long time coming
Score: 0
swindonspur 8:00am Tue 23 Oct 12
So happy this morning. Rosco has turned the club around and I never thought I would see us win the league after so many near misses!!! The Killer is improving all the time and to beat Bomber, Holder and KK back to back really got us going. He has been a match winner all season for us. Special mention to Steady. I have slated him all season and most of it has been deserved. But in the last 3 meetings he has turned it around. Ash Holloway has obviously made a difference so fair play to Steady for making the investment in the bikes. The results were there for all to see. Never been so glad to eat humble pie!!
Score: 0
oldlegtrailer 3:40pm Wed 24 Oct 12
Nice to see the criticisers accepting they were wrong - goes to show we have decent people as supporters - not like the Pirates
Score: -1

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