INJURED star Jason Doyle would love to return to the Robins in 2013 after describing his move to Swindon as ‘the best move of my career’.

The Australian broke a bone in his neck riding in the Premier League Riders’ Championship which forced him to miss both legs of the Robins’ Elite League final with Poole, a cruel fate he had suffered 12 months earlier while a Pirates rider.

But the tough 27-year-old was present at Wimborne Road to watch his current side end their long wait for glory, and celebrated with the rest of the team once the title was won.

Doyle felt more involved than he did during the Pirates’ triumph last season, and is already considering a return to Swindon next season if the rules allow him to.

“I am absolutely over the moon for the team to have won the league, but it was just a pity I wasn’t able to ride in the final again,” he said.

“My neck is broken and I am a lucky man to be walking, and next year once I have recovered I am hoping I don’t have any injuries to deal with.

“Missing out on a ride in the final was hard again, but it was made better by the fact the team won.

“Moving to Swindon was a great move, and Rosco (Alun Rossiter, team manager) and Gary (Patchett, co-promoter) put a great team together.

“There were no favourites in our team, and that was not the case at Poole.

“Down there we had a few good riders who outshone us all, but this year we had a great team and we all did it together.

“Moving to Swindon was the best move of my career, not just for the team but for the town too.

“I have loved it this season, and I need to sit down and see what the rules are like in November, but I would love to be back with a winning team next year.”

Along with the likes of Peter Kildemand, Simon Stead and Nick Morris, Doyle spent time at reserve during the season, and the Aussie believes that helped the side on their run to the final.

“I had a seven-point average at reserve and then went up into the team with an eight-point average, and for so many of us to have time at reserve and then come out again shows how strong we were from one to seven,” he said.

“The boys showed how much they wanted it in the final and were superb, and we have been brilliant all season and we deserved to win it.

“We were lucky Darcy (Ward) wasn’t there, but even if he was then I think we would still have won it because every one of our riders was up for every meeting.”