THE top six places were filed by home team members in Sunday’s inter-club match between Chippenham and Airsprung on the Bristol Avon at Chippenham.

Pete Townsend took top spot with 12lb 8oz of roach and perch, followed by Steve Palmer with 11lb 4oz and Dennis Baker with 11lb 2oz of roach.

Chippenham took the team event with 55lb to Airsprung’s 15lb 15oz.

Other placings: 4 Nick Lofy, Calne 10lb 10oz 8dm; 5 Kevin Rowles, Devizes 8lb 14oz; 6 Mick Gale, Chippenham 8lb 12oz.

THE Kings Arms stretch of the Kennet & Avon Canal hosted Sunday’s Wilts Angling Open match where Dave Baker, of Trowbridge, won with 16lb 8oz of roach and skimmers.

In-form Tony Gilbert, from Melksham, was runner up with 9lb 3oz, followed by Stuart White, from Chippenham, with 8lb 14oz.

Other placings: 4 Andy Pritchard, Westbury 7lb 10oz; 5 Steve Martin, Frome 7lb 6oz; 6 Darren Fletcher Melksham 5lb 10oz.

SUNDAY’S Lavington match on the Semington Brook at Baldham Mill was won by Kevin Morris, from Devizes, with 7lb 15oz of roach and dace.

Graham Pearce, from Lavington, was runner up with 6lb 2oz of roach and dace, followed by Jim Escott, from Melksham, with 2lb 14oz.

Other placings: 4 Mark Easey, West Lavington 1lb 10oz; 5 Andy Jones, Devizes 15oz; 6 Terry Weekes, Market Lavington 14oz.


Avon Angling Wednesday Open match at Chiltern Trinity: 1 Mark Poppleton, Trowbridge, 66lb; 2 Anton Page, GOT Baits, 40lb 8oz; 3 Dave Evans, Avon Angling, 28lb; 4 Steve Evans, Avon Angling 27lb 9oz; 5 Phil Harding Avon Angling 27lb 5oz; 6 Eddie Wynne Bristol 23lb 2oz. Silvers prize: Nick Collier, GOT Baits, 13lb 2oz.

Future events

Sunday Jan 13: Chippenham Open match at Chippenham; Calne Open match at Hazeland; Airsprung match at Barton Farm; Wilts Angling match at Melksham; Lavington match at Cheverell Complex; Kingswood & Hanham RBL match at Keynsham.