SWINDON team manager Alun Rossiter believes speedway clubs need to start working together as the Robins continue to play the waiting game regarding Hans Andersen and Troy Batchelor.

The Robins want the pair to return to Blunsdon next season, but their efforts have so far been blocked by parent club Peterborough who are only willing to let them leave on full transfers.

A BSPA Management Committee meeting was due to make an official decision regarding their futures on Tuesday, but no announcement has been made despite Panthers co-owner Julie Mahoney claiming she has been told Batchelor can only leave on a full-transfer, and that a decision regarding Andersen has been deferred until February.

Having already signed Australian Nick Morris this winter Rossiter is insistent the Robins can’t afford to buy the pair at this time, and believes speedway clubs need to start helping each other during tough economic times.

“There isn’t the money there for people to be buying riders in this economic climate, it is simple,” he said.

“When things are bad interest rates go down, and they are very low now, and in all my time in speedway I haven’t known a year like it with the rain and the Olympics and things like that.

“In that time loan fees have stayed the same, and in times of economic struggle like this they should be going down.

“Everybody should be happy to pay the loan fee at the moment because the buying power is just not there. We have to remember we have already been in the market to buy Nick Morris this winter which has cost the club money and we can’t buy everybody at the moment.

“Maybe at the end of the year we will look at it again, and we know we have to invest in some more but we just can’t at the moment,” he said.

Rossiter understands the need to invest in assets, but believes the clubs shouldn’t underestimate how important loan fees can be.

“We need to have assets, I understand that, but with things like they are at the moment they should not be investing,” he said. “They are not getting peanuts for the loan fees, and over two years Peterborough will have got nearly £20,000 from us in loan fees for Troy and Hans if we take them for a second year.

“We are all in this at the moment and it is not just us.

“You just have to look up and down the country and look at other sports like football and you see that we have to be realistic. We should not be fighting or arguing with each other and we should be getting on and promoting our sport and our own businesses.”