SWINDON Robins have been given permission to bring Hans Andersen back to the club on loan, Peterborough co-owner Julie Mahoney has revealed.

In a saga which has run on for much of the winter the Panthers have continually insisted both Andersen and Troy Batchelor would only leave the club on full transfers, but now Peterborough have signed up number one Kenneth Bjerre the Robins have been given permission to talk to their Danish captain.

Swindon made two offers to buy Andersen out-right earlier in the winter, which Mahoney says were £6,000 and £8,000, while the Dane also rejected two contract offers from the Alwalton side as he did not believe their offers were serious.

Mahoney also claims the BSPA have not budged in their ruling declaring Batchelor can only leave on a full transfer, and plans to contest the decision regarding Andersen.

“The BSPA have decided Swindon can talk to both riders but, in line with their earlier ruling, Troy will only be allowed to move on a full transfer,” she told the Peterborough Telegraph.

“We will be questioning the BSPA decision regarding Hans given the fact he rejected two offers from ourselves before Christmas.

“In light of that we feel a full transfer away from Peterborough would be the best option. It would provide a clean break between club and rider.

“Hans has claimed publicly that the offers put to him by Panthers were derisory but that is something we strongly refute.

“We feel confident that anyone who was able to compare the offers we made to Hans with our contracts for other top riders in 2012 and 2013 would see they were far from derisory.

“We’ve received a lot of bad press over this situation which has been completely unfair. Anyone who thinks our offers to Hans were frivolous is mistaken as he was very much part of our plans.

“We had Kenneth recovering from a very badly broken leg and we didn’t want to be in a position where we were left without a number one. Therefore had to keep our options open.

“We told Swindon that we could not give them permission to speak to Hans until we had a clearer idea of Kenneth’s fitness.

“Thankfully Kenneth has now been given a clean bill of health and we are delighted to be able to bring him back as our number one for the 2013 season, but had he not been declared fit we could have found ourselves in a difficult position.”