SWINDON number one Hans Andersen has insisted he holds no grudges with parent club Peterborough, but was unhappy with the way the Panthers handled his winter-long fight to return to Blunsdon.

The Dane’s move back to Wiltshire was finally announced yesterday morning, after the BSPA brought the dispute to an end by ruling he could move on loan despite Peterborough’s insistence Andersen could only return to the Abbey Stadium on a full transfer.

The Alwalton club continued to insist they were interested in using Andersen despite Kenneth Bjerre being hot favourite for the number one berth, and rejected a £6,000 offer from the Robins to take him on full-time. The 32-year-old also rejected two contract offers from his former club, with the terms believed to be lower than when he first moved to the club as a youngster in 2003.

Despite being disappointed at how long his parent club allowed the dispute to go on for, Andersen does not hold any grudges against the side he won the Elite League title with in 2006.

“I don’t know if the contracts they offered me were meant to be serious or not, but they were just so far off what I have been on in the past, even at Belle Vue, and it was not a contract you would go with,” he said.

“I can understand in some ways why they didn’t let all of their riders go before they had completed their team, but they were waiting on Kenneth’s injury until he was given the all-clear by a doctor, which was fair enough.

“When you are a club which has so many assets and potential number ones it seems silly to give everyone away and not end up with one yourself.

“I understand the reasons for them doing it, but the whole thing went on a little bit too long because it messed us around.

“If a parent club is not going to use a rider then they should never try and stop you from riding, because they never intend to use them.

“I don’t think it would ever have got as far as court or anything like that, though, because people always end up having some sense.”

Robins co-owner Gary Patchett has insisted the club remain interested in making Andersen’s loan move a permanent one, and the Dane is keen to continue his association with the club as he plans to celebrate his testimonial at the Abbey Stadium over the summer.

“Knowing I am back at Swindon makes things a lot easier for me because I haven’t been able to go ahead and do anything sponsor-wise in Swindon, even though I have been able to prepare my bikes because I always knew I was going to be riding in England,” he said.

“I couldn’t tell anyone where I was going to ride, and it hampered me a lot so I am glad it is all sorted.

“But the team looks really good and it looks like we can have a good shot of retaining our title, and last year was so enjoyable because everyone really gelled which made things a lot easier.

“I am glad to be coming back to Swindon because it is where I wanted to be, and I am going to have my testimonial there too so it (a permanent transfer) seems like the best way to go.

“I have not been able to make too many plans for a testimonial or anything because I have not known where I will be riding, but that is something I will think about now.”