SATURDAY saw Town miss a great opportunity to go top of League One as they could only manage a 1-1 draw at home to bottom side Hartlepool Utd.

What we really need is the long-awaited takeover to be completed so much-needed new faces can be signed up, especially on both sides of midfield.

Raffa De Vita has been a revelation this season but still isn’t cut out for playing every week and Gary Roberts is far too inconsistent.

Being able to sign Charlton’s Danny Green or another right-sided midfielder takes huge preference over any other deal before we face Tranmere next Tuesday.

The squad had been doing a great job in tough circumstances, but on Saturday, a few players should have made more of an impact.

If you could bottle up consistency and sell it to players you would become the richest person on earth.

It’s something that’s haunted some players their whole careers, it can be that one word that’s the difference between playing in League One or the Premier League.

James Collins is a good striker and this season he has shown us the best side of his game and hopefully the worse.

Himself and Andy Williams have the potential to be scoring 20-plus goals each in a season.

The 4-0 home win over Carlisle in early January was their best performance together but the next game away at Bournemouth the spark that was plain for all to see the week before, had gone.

If the magic ingredient of consistency can be found between those two, we will finish in the top two.

Annoyingly, one player who did show some reliability in the team John Bostock is now just bench warming in various Spurs U-21 sides.

Bringing him back to Town would be the boost needed for the team to push on this season.