ROYAL Wootton Bassett head coach Alan Low wants the league to start taking notice of his side and has targeted a win at Aylesbury this weekend as the place to make their mark.

Bassett travel to Buckinghamshire to face a side who have not lost a home game all season. Low’s side are on good form having won four of their last five games, albeit in a run that was heavily disrupted by the weather.

Low felt the win against Milton Keynes a couple of weeks ago showed Bassett’s progression. Despite a bonus point 47-6 win, Low was disappointed by parts of his side’s performance, feeling his team hadn’t executed their game to the full extent of their ability. A sign that he thought the has raised its standards.

Low has made other changes to Bassett. Trying to get them to run at spaces more and not feel like they have to go through phases to build attacking play.

He’s hoping that Saturday’s game could be the day when his side put together the complete performance their recent matches have promised.

“Every week there’s been marginal improvement, if we can string that together for an 80 minute performance rather than a 40-50 minute performance then someone will get a hiding,” Low told the Advertiser.

”Aylesbury’s home record is a bit of a motivation. We’re talking about setting a marker down as club, that’s going be a really big game, if we can go there and get a result the other guys in the league are going to be like: ‘What’s going on at Bassett?’”

“We’d like to ruffle some feathers, it’s their VPs day, and they’ve invited a few of us up so they’ll be a lot of people watching.

“We’d like to stand up and show people what’s happening at Bassett.”

In the home game against Aylesbury, Bassett lost out 22-10 but that day Low was happy with side’s performance and thought their backs caused the opposition problems.

“There coach was very complimentary of how we played them at home. We played really but didn’t just execute a few little bits,” Low added.

“We came off that day knowing that they were top of the league and we weren’t that far off.

“If we can match them up front then we’ve got a good chance, we’ve probably got the stronger of the two backlines. It comes back to that old cliché, forwards win matches and backs decide by how much.”

Selection-wise Bassett are almost at full strength, Tim Gallimore came off the bench last week after his spell out with injury and Low and his coaching staff will be assessing other niggles ahead of Saturday.

Also in the Southern Counties North Swindon College Old Boys are still in search of their first win of the season and travel to Buckinghamshire to face Drifters.