HIGHWORTH Town got what they deserved according to boss John Fisher as they slumped to a 2-0 home defeat to Ascot.

The Worthians failed to live up to their high standards during a tough 90 minutes at The Elms and, having already gone 1-0 down, conceded again on the break as they chased the game in the final minutes.

Fisher was unhappy with his side’s display and admitted they probably deserved to come away from the contest with nothing to show for their efforts.

“It was pretty bad to be honest and we were very poor in the first half, no two ways about it,” he said.

“Second half was better and we created some decent chances but we got what we deserved because we just weren’t there. You have to hold your hands up and admit you didn’t perform.

“We kept giving the ball away with some sloppy stuff and TJ (Bohane) had some good chances which he knows he should have scored.

“Maybe we could have snatched a point but I think we probably got what we deserved because it wasn’t a good performance.”

The side from The Elms, like the rest of the local sides, have struggled from game time in recent weeks following bouts of bad weather but Fisher refused to use their lack of action as an excuse.

“We hadn’t played for a while but that doesn’t stop you from being able to pass the ball properly,” he said.

“Your legs can get a bit tired when you haven’t been playing but our passing wasn’t up to scratch and that wasn’t down to not playing, it was people not being on the mark.

“We can’t use not playing as an excuse and we have to move on from it.”