THE Bristol Avon hosted its first match at Barton Farm on Sunday since the floods and produced superb sport in the Wilts Angling Open match.

Top honours went to Bob Ryan, from Melksham, with 64 lb 3 oz of bream, ahead of Andy Pratten, from Melksham, with 26 lb 10 oz of bream and chub.

Dave Baker, from Trowbridge, was third with 15 lb 3 oz of chub.

Other placings: 4. Rob Randell Gillingham 15 lb 2 oz; 5. Mick Gale Calne 14 lb 12 oz; 6. Vic Abbott Bradford 14 lb 2 oz.

COMPETITORS enjoyed good sport in Sunday’s Lavington match on the Kennet & Avon Canal on the Pound Stretch at Devizes.

The match was won by Kevin Morris, from Devizes, with 9 lb 5 oz of roach, skimmers and perch.

Runner up was Dave Bancroft, from Trowbridge, with 9 lb of roach, perch and tench, followed by Jim Butcher, from Bradford, with 6 lb 8 oz of roach and skimmers.

Other placings: 4. Lou Ford Trowbridge 6 lb 5 oz; 5. Gerry Lugg Beckington 5 lb 13 oz; 6. Graham Pearce West Lavington 5 lb 7 oz.

THE Kennet & Avon Canal from Wolfhall to Little Bedwyn staged the final practice match for the Angling Trust Southern semi final.

Top spot went to Simon Drew, of Oakwood Angling, with 19 lb 12 oz of skimmers and perch.

Adam Carter, of Devizes MG, was runner up with 17 lb 12 oz of skimmers and perch, while Richard Cox, of Tubertini Apollo, took third with 15 lb 15 oz of skimmers.

Other placings: 4. Gary Williamson Devizes MG 14 lb 8 oz; 5. Terry Hobbs Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths 12 lb 2 oz; 6. Clive Telling Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths 10 lb 6 oz 8 dm.

BRADFORD’S Jim Butcher (Wilts AC) was third at the Thursday Open match at Viaduct Fishery.

Result: 1. Scott Russell, Tackle UK, 151 lb 3 oz; 2. Colin Dyer, Langport, 99 lb 3 oz; 3. Jim Butcher, Wilts AC, 72 lb; 4. Lester Grant Bristol 63 lb 1 oz; 5. Terry Leney Sillybait 59 lb 6 oz; 6. Paul Reed PSV Bristol 45 lb 4 oz. Silvers prize: Mike Walker, MFS 32 lb 7 oz.

Future events

Sunday March 16: Chippenham match at Chippenham.

Thursday March 20: Bathampton Silvers Championship match at Bridge Pool.

Monday April 7: Lavington Angling Club AGM at Market Lavington Village Hall at 8 pm followed by the annual presentation of Trophies.