I WOULD like to say thank you to all you Swindon fans who have supported me in my short time back at the club.

It is such a shame that I won’t be here to finish the season, to be honest I’m still digesting the news.

Hopefully I can get myself sorted out pretty quickly and I’ll be back at Blunsdon later in the year, but I have to say I’ll be going all out to show the management that they made the wrong decision in letting me go.

Alun said that he felt that I was lacking confidence and that was part of the reason why I was being released, but I don’t think that is fair.

It wasn’t a confidence issue, it was a gating one and it was not like I was the lowest scorer in the team.

But that is speedway, it has happened before and I just have to move on.

One of my biggest worries at the moment is that if i don’t get fixed up with another Elite League club then I may have to sell on of my bikes or even get a day job.

I did a bit of delivery work over the winter, so it is something that I’ve done before, but it will be pretty tough mentally.

But I’ve got a mortgage and baby to think about and I’m riding to make money.

I spent the weekend riding over in Poland and Germany and that is when Alun told me the news - I was speechless.

I don’t think that I have been given enough time to try and put things right, although Alun said that he had to act quickly because they could afford to lose anymore home meets or fans off the crowd.

Yes I know that I haven’t been beating the opposite two and four, but it is not easy when you are not making a start.

I think given a bit more time I think that I could have shown more, hopefully, you’ll get to see it too, but unfortunately for you Swindon fans I’ll have to be showing it for the other team.