TROY Batchelor claimed his first Grand Prix heat win of the season at the European SGP in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

The Swindon Robins star claimed the success in heat 11 after finishing fourth in heats four, six and 20, while the Australian also secured a third in heat 13.

Batchelor now has eight GP points for the season after two meets and is 14th out of 17 riders.

The European GP was won by Poland’s Krzysztof Kasprzak, who admitted winning his battle with nerves has transformed his fortunes.

Special KK was a popular winner in his homeland, after scything under Australian sensation Darcy Ward on the final turn to cap a speedy performance which puts him 11 points clear at the World Championship summit. Kasprzak’s victory is even more astonishing after he failed to score a single point in five rides at Bydgoszcz in 2013.

The Leszno-born rider could not be happier with his engines and crew and is delighted with the part they’re playing in what has been a dramatic upsurge in fortunes.

But he admits enlisting the help of a psychologist is finally helping him conquer his battle with nerves in the SGP series.

He said: “My psychologist is making my head relaxed. I haven’t got too much pressure.

“When I was stressed before, my body tensed up and I couldn’t race properly.

“Everyone was writing me messages and telling me on Facebook ‘you’ll win, you’ll win’ this weekend.

“But I don’t like this.

“When people say this, it’s usually a bad meeting.

“But now I’m just thinking ‘it’s just a league meeting’ and this is good. I’ve got the best psychologist in the world.

“But I cannot say her name because she is so good.”