ALUN Rossiter admitted the newly installed draft system needs further tweaking due to the struggles he has had booking guests.

The Robins boss has had to do without reserve Steve Worrall on three occasions already this season, while he was also due to miss Thursday’s original staging of tonight’s clash with Birmingham, with guests proving hard to come by for a variety of reasons.

Worrall’s original position of 13th in the young reserve pecking order limited Rossiter’s options, although he has since risen to eighth, while a long list of young riders have packed diaries which rule them out of taking extra rides.

Rossiter had particular bother trying to recruit a replacement for Thursday’s doomed match, with James Sarjeant being brought in at late notice, leading the Great Britain boss to believe changes are needed.

“I’m encountering problems with young riders unfortunately having five or six meetings on the trot before we ask them to guest and then they don’t have the resources or time to do it,” he said.

“Some of them have jobs too and can’t get time off because they’ve already ridden a load of times.

“The system has been great because the likes of Lewis Blackbird, for example, have come through it and improved his form along with a few other riders.

“We all accepted there would be teething problems but there needs to be some fine tuning to help it work a bit smoother.”

Rossiter will have lead reserve Worrall back in his side this evening after he was scheduled to miss the original staging of the clash, and compared the youngster to former reserve Ashley Birks who all missed meetings for the Robins and, as a result, took time to adapt to the Blunsdon track.

“We shouldn’t be struggling for guests because of the way Steve has been going for all his club’s, although he’s not quite got going 100 per cent for us because he’s missed so many meetings,” he said.

“He’s a bit like Ashley Birks in that sense as he’s riding better away than he did at home because the problems being at a Friday club brings.”