ALUN Rossiter is happy to see Nick Morris do his talking on the track in recent weeks as the teenager continues to go from strength to strength.

Rossiter witnessed the young Australian hit a paid maximum for Premier League side Somerset in their big win over Redcar on Friday night and he will now guest at number one for Birmingham this evening when they take on Belle Vue in the top tier.

Morris has also impressed at number three for the Robins in recent weeks, upping his average from a tough riding position despite his tender age, leading Rossiter to quietly lavish praise on the young rider.

“We have to keep his feet on the ground and not give him too much credit because if I do that he will end up getting carried away like Troy Batchelor,” Rossiter joked.

“Nick’s doing really well at the moment to be fair to him and he’s scored some good points for his teams in recent weeks.

“He’s guesting for Birmingham at Belle Vue at number one on Monday and he’s really not bothered by it at all which is a good sign.

“His riding is doing the talking and I really don’t have to say anymore about it. We all know two and four is a lot easier and he’s riding really well at three and five.”

Rossiter has also been impressed with how Dakota North has settled into life at the Abbey Stadium, but never doubted the Australian for one minute after bringing him in to replace Nicolai Klindt.

“I always said Dak would do well for us and I really like the attitude the Aussies bring over with them,” he said.

“I’ve been around Australians all my life from the days of Craig Boyce through to Leigh Adams and Jason Crump, I’ve been around them all and they are good people and winners.

“I knew Dak would come in and be like that and I have to be pleased with him.”