I WAS really pleased to hear the council’s decision to name roads around the proposed new stadium after three Robins legends.

Bob Kilby, Malcolm Holloway and Lee Richardson are three men who will always be held in high esteem by those who were privileged enough to watch them ride, and now any new fans attending speedway in Swindon will quickly learn just how important the trio were to the club every time they walk or drive to a meeting.

For obvious reasons I was never lucky enough to watch Kilby and Holloway in full flight for Swindon, while I never saw Richardson ride for the Robins either, but I am fully aware of just how special the trio are to supporters here.

This week was of course the second anniversary of Lee’s tragic death and I, like many of you, can still remember the feeling which shook my body when I heard the news.

Lee was a kind, funny, talented man who was a credit to the sport and to his family, so to lose him in such a devastating way is something a generation of fans will probably never get over.

For all the reasons to knock speedway, the sport is exceptionally good at looking after their own which is shown by the Ben Fund and all-round concern for injured riders, and the fact so many people stopped to remember Rico’s passing just shows how tight a community it is.

A road in Swindon is one thing, but to my mind something more needs to be done to remember a father who lost his life doing the sport he loved and entertaining fans who loved him.

Though he never won one, could the British Championship trophy be named in his honour? Or maybe the Knockout Cup could be named the Lee Richardson Trophy if it returns.

It doesn’t really matter what it is, but a man like Lee deserves more than a road in Swindon devoted to him as a permanent reminder of just how much he gave to our sport.

I’m really looking forward to walking down Richardson Road, Kilby Crescent and Holloway Close once they are built, or even stopping for a pint in the Mad Wellie. Wouldn’t that be a good idea?

Either way, I just hope there is eventually a stadium there to go with them.