CIARAN Alstowe, the brains behind the 2014 Highworth Triathlon, had extra motivation for becoming the youngest race organiser in the country.

The 20-year-old University of Bath student decided to set up his Active Sports Events company in order to put something back into the community after the tragic death of his mother, Louise, in August last year.

This weekend marked the first of those events, a sprint triathlon held in Wootton Bassett.

The day raised more than £1,000 for Wiltshire Air Ambulance and now Alstowe is already planning his next event.

He told the Advertiser how the experience of his mother’s death inspired him to set up the company.

“About nine months ago from today my mum passed away, I was out racing and got a phone call at the end of the race to say that I need to come home urgently, I got home and my mum had been taken hospital,” said Alstowe, “I rushed to hospital but she died of a heart attack that day.

“The idea was to give something back, a small idea to inspire a few people in the community. From the feedback I’ve received people really enjoyed it, it was a big success.

“The race was in memory of my mum. I set up the company as a little venture for myself, in any of races I do I will always give a percentage to charity, whether they grow from to 10 people to a 1,000 people, a percentage of the racing fee will always go to charity.

“When I originally had the idea I said if I got to 100 it would be a miracle, so to be sold out and have 25 people on a waiting list is absolutely amazing.

“It was a little bit stressful and there was some testing moments but when the last person crossed the line it was a relief all the preparation had paid off.”

“The nice thing about triathlon is the varying people who who compete, from complete beginners to guys racing for their country.”

The winner of the men’s race, Matt Griffin, completed the 400m swim, 20km cycle and 5km run in 55:45, leading from start to finish. Second-placed Matt Fisher came in 58:37 and Gary Stretton finished dead on the hour in third.

In the women’s category there was double joy for Swindon Triathlon club, as they bookended the top three, Holly Gamble taking first place in 1:07.05 and Ffion Davies finishing third in 1:11.17. Laura Seary claimed second in 1:09.16.

Alstowe’s next event is the Highworth Triathlon in September.