TROY Batchelor is expecting a much more exciting weekend of Grand Prix racing in Malilla after two turgid rounds in recent weeks.

Following visits to two gaters’ paradises, Tampere in Finland and Prague in the Czech Republic, the series moves to Sweden and a track known for fast times and plenty of opportunities to pass.

The Robins’ skipper is looking forward to taking to the track as he bids to climb from 14th in the standings and believes he is still in with a chance of making the top eight and securing a spot for next season.

“The last two rounds have been really tough because you can see a rider make a start and win a race and then in the next one he runs a last,” he said.

“Malilla is a great track and is great for racing so if you have some speed there you can make the semis and the final.

“The doors open to do it (make the top eight) but it’s good to have a safety net in the qualifiers.

“The GP qualifiers are a very tough road, I’ve been there before and know how hard they can be.”

Following the Robins’ defeat to Wolves on Thursday night the Aussie returned to the track to test his equipment, something he believes is vital if he is to make an impression at World Championship level.

“When it comes to the GP I have a lot of equipment and always want to take my best stuff. I’m always testing and always trying to get better because I don’t just want to be in the GP, I want to win some races,” he said.

“The top eight is where you want to be and anything can happen,” he said.