SIMON Gustafsson believes he is now beginning to build a healthy home track advantage around the Abbey Stadium.

Having started the season with a string of inconsistent displays, the Swede is now firmly back in form and won four of his five races against Wolves on Thursday to top score with 12.

Despite being disappointed not to be able to complete a maximum in heat 15, Gustafsson was pleased with track conditions and is happy in his new surroundings after moving to Blunsdon from Eastbourne in the winter.

“It was brilliant and I really enjoyed it (against Wolves) if we can have the track like that every week then we will be fine,” he said.

“The weather was good too for once which was nice and it’s really good to feel confident on your home track.

“It wasn’t really full of positives for me because I screwed heat 15 up, if you have a full house before 15 you should really win that one I reckon,” he said.

“I’m really dissapointed actually, I know I did good before 15 but I need to pull my finger out when it really matters.

“I’m not disappointed with 12 points, it’s just my last ride, I’m just trying to take one heat at a team and carry on getting better.”

While Gustafsson was happy with conditions, teammate Peter Kildemand didn’t quite find them to his liking, but the Swede believes the Dane’s below-par performance as more down to tiredness.

“I think Peter maybe blamed the track but was just tired, maybe too much travelling and too many meetings,” he said.

“That happens, we all do it and all get around Europe, but I’m sure he’ll come back.

“He’s had a couple of crashed recently and cracked a rib or two so he’s not 100 per cent, but he’ll be back I’m sure.”

Gustafsson returns to action for the Robins at Leicester on Saturday