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SPEEDWAY LIVE: Leicester Lions 45 Swindon Robins 47

Last updated:

    Leicester Lions 45 Swindon Robins 47
  • LIONS: Kenneth Hansen G (0-0-0^-2') 2', Simon Stead (1-3-3-3) 10, Rory Schlein G (3-4^-3-2'-2') 14+2, Ashley Birks G (1-0-0-0) 1, Krzysztof Buczkowski (1-1-3-3-3) 11, Josh Bates (3-0-2-0-2) 7, Max Clegg (0-0-0) 0.
  • ROBINS: Peter Kildemand R/R (SG 3-DN 1-SM 1-NM 0) 5, Dakota North (2'-3-1-2-1'-0) 9+2, Nick Morris (FX-2'-1'-2-R-1) 6+2, Simon Gustafsson (3-3-2-0-1) 9, Sam Masters G (2-3-1'-1-1) 8+1, Nathan Greaves (2-1'-1') 4+2, Steve Worrall (1'-2'-3-2-3) 11+2.
  • Peter Kildemand, Troy Batchelor, Nicolai Klindt, Jason Doyle and Mads Korneliussen all missing due to GP qualifying


lawnmower man 5:32pm Sat 21 Jun 14
absolute farce that this meeting is going ahead I hope that the Leicester fans don't turn up and watch this. I know I wouldn't pay any money to watch a meeting devoid of 5 top riders. gota blame the bspa for allowing this farce to go ahead in the first place
Score: -1
morris 1 9:19pm Sat 21 Jun 14
Well done lads, to come away with 3 points under the circumstances is brilliant. A good all round effort.
Score: 5
Bristols 10:08pm Sat 21 Jun 14
morris 1 wrote: Well done lads, to come away with 3 points under the circumstances is brilliant. A good all round effort.
Good guest in Sam Masters too ! Well done the "Patched up Robins" A win is a Win especially when it is unexpected !! Nice One !!!
Score: 2
Di kanny oh 9:48pm Sun 22 Jun 14
Amazing win by the rest of the depleted Swindon boys and obviously rammed it back up Leicesters management who surely have damaged the fragile fanbase of speedway yet again with their desperate antics. Boy does this sport need some major surgery this winter and hope the clowns running the show wake up and smell the coffee, Monday nights only for Elite clubs, stop this farce of guest riders and lets have top 7 rider teams even if it may have to feature a couple of brits in each team which would be good for England. Lets have a better points limit of say 43/44 so teams can be better equipped and get rid of this tactical double points and go back to bringing in a tactical rider when 10 points down. Riding on a same evening is paramount to stopping this guest farce and will attract more top riders to our top league for sure.
Score: 1

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