STAND-IN skipper Nick Morris was proud of his patched up side after picking himself up from a heavy crash to contribute with 6+2 in the Robins’ win at Leicester.

The young Aussie got out of shape going into the first turn of lap three in his first race at Beaumont Park, turning his bike 180 degrees before being collected by Krzysztof Buczkowski as both riders went flying across the track.

The Lions’ Pole ran over Morris head in the incident, leaving the captain shaken, but the 20-year-old returned for the remainder of his rides and was pleased to have played a part in a surprise 47-45 away win.

“I’m a bit sore but I managed to carry on and scored some points, and the team got the win so that’s the main thing,” he said.

“It’s good being captain and I’m proud of what the boys did because it was a pretty tough meeting.

“I had the set up wrong on my bike and I was a bit all over the place, I did a 180 and then got run over on my head and my arm so I’m a bit shaken up but it’s all good.

“There were two depleted teams but we got three points, although it would have been good to get more, but we had a few problems with bikes and things.

Morris now has a few days off before the Robins’ clash with Coventry on Thursday, during which time work will be done on a few issues with his machinery.

“I’ve got a week off now so I need to sort everything out and come back on Thursday bigger and better,” he said.

“Nothing feels right and I’m getting a rough ride going into the corners and maybe the frames are bent of something.

“My mechanic is stripping the bikes down this week and my engines are going to get freshened up so I’ll be back on Thursday like it’s a new season.”