ALUN Rossiter is expecting his riders to step up and deliver a complete performance when they take on league leaders King’s Lynn tonight.

The Stars lead the Elite League table by more than 20 points and at once stage put together a winning run of 14 meetings before eventually losing at second-placed Lakeside a fortnight ago.

With Niels-Kristian Iversen, Kenneth Bjerre and Rory Schlein firing at the top end of the team and British youngsters Robert Lambert, Lewis Kerr and Lewis Rose performing at the bottom, the Robins septet will need to produce their best if they are to become only the second team to beat Rob Lyon’s men this season.

However, Rossiter has been given hope after his side took a point home from Norfolk earlier in the campaign and is expecting his team to push the table-toppers all the way.

“It’s time to stand up now, we nearly beat them at their place but we had one of our mini collapses,” he said.

“That goes to show we can do it and I want them to stand up in this match and show it. I want to win this meeting, it’s as simple as that.

“I want the team that went to King’s Lynn and took a point off them, and could even have won, to do the same this time because I know we are capable.

“If we can do that it would give us a real kick, but we know it will be hard. It’s one I believe we can win but we’ve got to want to do it and we have to believe we will.

“Some of the riders now have to stand up and be counted, all of them, they have to do the job we know they’re capable of.

“If the real Swindon Robins turn up for this we should win.”

Rossiter is also confident of a much improved performance from number one Peter Kildemand, who could only follow up his impressive display in Saturday’s Danish GP with 9+1 at Wolves on Monday night, with his score massaged by his tactical victory in heat six.

“I spoke to Peter after Monday night and he wasn’t happy with his performance and he was on an engine which is wasn’t happy with either, which he’s now disregarded,” he said.

“We know how good a rider he is and if he can get things sorted I know he can be back on it again. He’ll be up to speed and he’s ready to go.”

With the Norfolk side romping away at the top of the table they have been made heavy favourites to go on and win the title this season, but Rossiter believes there is still a long way to go.

“I’m sure there will be teams able to challenge them when it comes to the play-offs, we’ve seen it before,” he said.

“It’s a marathon and not a sprint but they do have some of the best riders in the league, they’re a good team but with the play-offs anything can happen.”

The Robins will have to cope without in-form reserve Steve Worrall this evening as he is riding for Edinburgh at Redcar, with Charles Wright stepping in as a replacement.

“We’re missing Steve which is a blow to us but Charles is going well at the moment and will do a good job, I’ve got no problem bringing him in,” Rossiter said.

“Charles has really stepped up to the mark and I’m sure he’ll do well.

“I believe King’s Lynn have Lewis Kerr back from injury now and I’m not sure whether he will be able to hit the ground running or not because he’s been out injured for a little while.”

The Stars go into tonight’s contest in a confident mood after easily beating a severely depleted Coventry side last night, with boss Rob Lyon keen to keep their inspired form going for as long as they possibly can.

“The boys are on fire at the moment and that is the way we want to keep it all the way to the end this season,” said Lyon.