SWINDON Robins skipper Troy Batchelor admitted he needs to rebuild his confidence after a difficult night at the British Grand Prix in Cardiff on Saturday.

Having scorched to six wins, 20 points and second place in the previous round in Copenhagen two weeks previously, the Aussie went into the meeting at the Millennium Stadium with his tail up, but a trio of last places in his opening three rides saw him come crashing back down again.

Batchelor did recover to earn three points from his final two outings, on a night where American Greg Hancock narrowly pipped home hero Tai Woffinden to victory, and admitted he needs to start again as he continues his pursuit of a top eight place.

“There is only really Greg (Hancock) and Woffy (Woffinden) being that consistent at the moment, and they’re flying, but everyone else is pretty mixed.

“It was tough for me and I don’t really know too much about why it went wrong but it just didn’t come together on the night. We have a few weeks off now from the GP and I need to rebuild in that time and get my confidence back up again after being smashed.

“It always takes a hit when you get beaten, be it in a league meeting or in the Grand Prix, but you go back and start winning races again and things come back.

“You go back to the drawing board and that’s what I will do.

“In the first two races I was amongst it in the first corner but on the wrong end of things and then in the third I was pretty poor, but from then on I was chasing it a bit and it’s hard when that happens.

“Sometimes you start well and you can hang on to it but this time it was pretty tough. We’re only through round seven now though and anything can happen.”